Allen Bradley IO - PLC IO and remote IO

Hanley Automation are Ireland distributor for Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley remote IO and chassis based PLC IO. We are expert in all types of Allen Bradley IO. We carry an extensive stock in Swords, Dublin. Calls us to discuss your needs on 00353 18833800 or email


Follow the links below to get specific information on the different products ranges.

Remote IO - Panel Mounted
1734 Point IO
1753 Guard Safety IO
1790 Compact IO
1791DS Compactblock guard Safety IO
1791 D/P/R Compactblock IO
1794 Flex IO
1797 Flex Ex Hazardous Area IO

Remote IO Machine Mounted
1732 Armorblock IO
1732DS Armorblock Guard Safety IO
1738 Armorblock IO
1792 Armorblock maxum IO

1746 SLC IO
1756 ControlLogix IO
1762 Micrologix 1100,1200, 1400 IO
1769 Compact IO
1771 PLC5 IO